A page for links to, or lists of, music.

Theme Songs

Just some songs which make me think of certain characters of mine. Embedded youTube videos are hidden beneath the collapsable links so that you can listen to them. Where possible 'official' versions are linked to.

Kawaii MUSH


This doesn't really fit Amber well, apart from considering her practising her martial arts, but something about bring her to mind.


The rhythm of this song appealed to me more than anything. The Glee version has better voices, but I wasn't sure about the link staying put. Her name apparently means "the sea" or "maintains possessions well" and leaves the way open for jokes about her initials.


For such a submissive lady, when faced by the right people, this song says a lot about Maeko's background.

Arid Dale

Arid is, despite her relative youth, already building up regrets and is uncertain how much she has changed herself…