Job Vacancy for Life
Job Title Entry Level Minion
Company Dark Lord's Minions Incorporated
Job Description The minion will be expected to fit into the existing employee structure, although some degree of mobility is permitted, and maintain any relevant or supernatural skills in readiness for assignment. When not assigned to a specific task as a minion, they will be expected to comply an assigned role as fitting with the glamour enhanced cover of DLM Inc as a generic corporation.
Company Information DLM Incorporated is multiverse leader in it's own field of slow conquest and subversion of countries and worlds. In addition to its core business it provides bureaucratic, logistic, and military support to various individuals and organisations as dictated by their payment plans and moral alignment. Whether it is sorting out a problem with a network, debugging a warding array, seducing a formerly honest politician, or driving enemies before them while listening to the lamentations of their women, DLM Incorporated prides itself in having personal who manage the task.
Skills and qualities The ideal candidate will be loyal, moral, and in possession of their own soul. All other training can take place at the company's discretion during a bootcamp full paid training course. Existing skills will be taken into account prior to the transmigration of the new employee's form into something more useful.
Number of Vacancies Unlimited
Vacancy Type Permanent
Job status Full-time
Closing Date Armageddon.
How to Apply No specific application process is required. By reading this entry, you have been implanted with a geas which will guide you into entering the company's workforce. Please relax it's not going to let you get out of this and in a few minutes you'll be fine with the idea…



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