Conflux's Mutant ID (Current Attempt)

Well, this is the first attempt at a MID (using the assumption that her avatar nature isn't known):

Code Name: CONFLUX
Ratings: Devisor(Biological) 3, Manifestor 4, Psi 3.
Techniques: Aggressive mental defences, Clairvoyance, Environmental tolerance, Mental link, Multitasking, Xenobiological creations.
Weak vs.: Magic, MATD, Psi limited to own creations, Quadriplegic.
Backup/Team affiliation: Hawthorne Cottage, Monster Mash (team)

This may be reconsidered, but for now:

  • Her 'grey' critters are considered to be manifested (the rating is so inflated due to the potential for a large number at once).
  • Her other, specialist, critters are considered devises which enhanced all of her critters.
  • The Psi rating is due to her mental link, control of them all at once, and because inside of her head is doing… odd things.
Code Name: CLAYTON aka "THINKER"
Ratings: Shifter * Psi 2
Techniques: Mental defences, Environmental Tolerance, Mental Link, Xenobiological control, Adaptability
Weak vs.: Magic, Psi and Xenobiological control restricted to one 'class' of being, Uncontrolled Shifting
Backup/Team affiliation: CONFLUX

Some basic traits shared by any critter which doesn't specifically have a trait overriding it. Apart from the clairvoyance they don't seem too far beyond normal biology:

  • Enhanced relative strength
    • They are all stronger than their size suggests although this is muscle power and thus their may be issues when trying to move things with greater mass.
  • Limited Clairvoyance
    • Critters see with their mind. This gives them a cone of very clear vision in front of their head, blocked by most things which prevent normal sight bar those which involve the eyes, but little peripheral vision.
    • Over and above any deliberate mental sharing, critters get to 'see' anything that others within sharing distance see with their clairvoyance as part of their own sensorium.
  • Enhanced tolerances
    • Adapts to environments and stresses easily and quickly.
    • Most weather (bar the most extreme) is ignored and they can quickly become tolerant to poisons, odd sleeping cycles, etc.
  • Significant resilience
    • They have a constitution which any rat or cockroach would be envious of.
    • Hide is normally about as puncture resistant as leather.
    • Their body as a whole is resistant to blunt impacts and bones are tougher than would be expected.
  • Talons
    • Critters have claws which can be used to slash or puncture.
    • These are tougher than many things but they aren't unnaturally so.

More subtle traits would be:

  • Diet issues
    • Without help from "Maw" a number of trace elements and compounds are needed for full health or to allow healing at a reasonable rate.
  • Controlled by Conflux
    • Any critter is as much under Conflux's control as a normal person controls their hand.
  • Undifferentiated cells
    • Laced through the body of a critter are a number of cells which seem somewhat passive.
    • When sharing a trait which enhances, rather than performs a new functions, these adapt and act as needed.
  • Vestigial organs
    • There are a lot of vestigal organs and glands inside of critters which don't normally seem to do much.
    • When copying traits these are the basis for matters.
  • Hive Defence
    • Psychic attacks or probes need to be capable of attacking Conflux plus all the critter's brains at once.
    • There are… issues for the would be perpetrator if this is not the case.