Letter to Dissent

The following letter was included in a package sent to Whateley with the intended recipient marked as:

Poe Cottage

Inside the package was a significant amount of hand-made but professional grade food items. These included candied chestnuts, candied lemon peel, dried apple slices, dried peach segments, and a number of individually wrapped bars which seem to be made of a mixture of fig and nuts. Given the weight the shipping can't have been cheap.

Dear "Dissent",

I feel rather awkward to write to you like this when I've heard so much about you, yet know so little at all, but I felt that I should given all that you've done. In her e-mails Jennifer hasn't mentioned you by more than your name so I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl, but I do know that seeing you is a highlight of her days at the Academy.

More than anything else I would like to thank you in person for having been so kind to Jennifer, but as I can't I have included a few things to try to make that thanks more tangible. It was mentioned that you like cooking so, if you check the very bottom of the box, I've included the recipes for everything here. (Just be careful when making the syrup as sugar burns are quite nasty.)

I know it is for the best that Jennifer attend the Academy, but she sounded so very homesick in her messages. I try to write to her, to help keep her spirits up, but things seem to be wearing her down. She seems not to have made any real friends there and I happy that you are close enough to one that you're willing to visit her in person.

Whatever anyone else says that makes you a truly kind person.

With what Jennifer has said about the Academy I'm not going to ask you to reply, not even to tell me if your a boy and I should be worried about Jennifer getting a crush on you, but I will say that you are already a hero to one person. Before Jennifer changed I hadn't thought about mutants except in a vaguely worried sense, I'd listened to the news when they talked about dangers, but now I don't really care.

You've been kind to my Jenny. You got her to have soup when she stopped eating entirely, when the staff had contacted me about her and a need to forcefully do something about it, so I don't care if you want to burn down the rest of the world or just become a sous chef.

Thank you for helping my daughter when I couldn't do anything at all.

Elaine Avalos

In an envelop at the bottom of the box are the promised recipes on laminated sheets along with a signed thank you card with various names on it including Elaine's own.