New & Custom Kimbery Charms

Custom Kimbery Charms which lead on from the Charms listed in the Broken Wing Crane supplement. These Charms are not final and will be revised and corrected over time.

Unproofed Charms

Like Sand Before the Tide

Cost: 6m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Sorcerous
Duration: Until grapple ends
Prerequisite Charms: Spiteful Sea Tincture

The shore protects the land against the tide, but the Greater Mother's touch dissolves that which she engulfs. This Charm enhances an unarmed grapple which the character is personally performing. Items worn by any others involved in the grapple are damaged by the corrosive essence which invisibly swirls around the Exalt. Normal clothing, or armor with no remaining soak or Hardness, dissolves immediately while mundane armor loses -1B/-1B soak each action and -1B/-1L Hardness every second action until it dissolves.
Armor made of any of the Magical Materials, enhanced with Vitriol, or formed of Essence is uneffected by this Charm

At Essence 4, this Charm becomes more potent and may degrade any armor not formed purely of Essence as a Shaping effect.

Application of Emerald Countermagic ends the effects of this Charm if it effects the user. If used on a damaged item it reverses any degredation done to magical armor. However damage done to mundane materials is not reversed.

Waves Erode the Shore

Cost: —; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Like Sand Before the Tide

As her waves flow and her currents swell at her bidding, the Great Mother hardly need pay attention as they erode many shores. This Charm permanently enhanced the functioning of its prerequisite. When activating Like Sand Before the Tide the character may choose to increase its duration to one scene. In addition she may cause its effects through grapples done via weapon or other indirect means rather than solely through an unarmed grapple.

At Essence 3, the character may choose to also grant the effects of Like Sand Before the Tide to any independant Charm manifestation of hers which is performing a grapple (such as those produced by the repurchase of Ichor Flux Tendrils). If she so wishes then she may exclude herself or any specific manifestation from causing such effects.

If multiple grapples are performed upon a single target then they suffer the effects of Like Sand Before the Tide once rather than from each potential source.

Acidic Maelstorm Veil

Cost: — (+4m, +1wp); Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Like Sand Before the Tide

This Charm permanently upgrades it's prerequisite. The Green Sun Prince may choose to pay a surcharge of 4 motes and one Willpower when activating Like Sand Before the Tide. Doing so allows her to add the Stackable and Obvious keywords to that Charm while simultaneously increasing its duration to One Scene. These changes may then be applied, without charge, to further invocations made of the Charm during this scene. Up to Essence invocations of the Like Sand Before the Tide to be actived simultaneously with each effecting any grappling the character independantly.

In addition, any non-beloved being or item in contact (through a grapple or an unarmed attack) with the character suffers acid damage as an enviromental hazard dealing [number of stacked invocations]L with a Trauma equal to the number ofof current invocations active.

At Essence 6, the cost of each invocation past the first is reduced to 1 mote.

Souls' Darkest Tides

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2
Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion, Emotion, Social
Prerequisites: Intolerable Burning Truths

Magnimonous and ever-giving the Great Mother helps others understand that what she wishes is simply what their own secret lusts call for them to fulfil. This Charm supplements a social attack or sexual act targetting an individual. It overlays the actions' context with an Illusion drawn from the target's own darkest desires, no matter how impossible that might be. The action is treated as though it supported an existing Intimacy and the victim gains no benefit for a dominant Virtue opposing it. The character using this Charm is not aware of the context which the victim percieves.

At Essence 3, the cost to activate this Charm is reduced to 1m when used against a beloved or reviled target.

At Essence 4, a repurchase allows the character to add an optional surcharge of +3m. Doing so increases the reality of the illusion so as to make the action undodgable. In addition, if the target of the action has an intimacy which, in a different emotional context, could support the action then Willpower cost to resist the action increases by one.