Exalted (2nd Edition) House Rules

Characters & Mechanics


Any Background rated at 3+ dots requires a paragraph or two of detail or explanation.

Certain Backgrounds may be taken multiple times, but each purchase is paid for and advanced separately. These should be listed on the character sheet as individual entries such as "Artifact 2 (Orichalcum Diaklaive)".

Backgrounds such as Allies, Artifact, Manse, and Mentor should be bought separately for each individual person or item.


This Background may be taken multiple times. Each purchase specifies a specific individual who is an ally or close associate of the character. The base dot rating of an ally is typically their Might score (disregarding the equipment bonuses listed) as per the chart on p161 of Exalted 2e.

By default any ally is loyal to the character. He will do minor favours without asking for anything in return except the assumption that they might ask the PC for such favours at other times. He will risk serious injury, perhaps death depending on his own bravery, or otherwise do major favours but will ask for the same consideration back. He will also have this own business and affairs to attend to which may make him unavailable for varying amounts of time but, in most cases, warning will be given.

For +• the ally is devoted to the character. She will risk injury or worse for the character without thinking twice about it and expecting only minor considerations in return. A devoted ally might be a beloved sibling, a devoted spouse, or a fearless bodyguard.

Alternatively, again for +•, the ally is ever-present. This means that they will be around, and available to help, unless extraordinary circumstances prevail or they are doing something elsewhere for the character. An ever-present ally might be the first mate of a ship to which the PC is captain or the childhood servant who has followed her throughout her life.


Contacts is simply bought and a major contact for each dot defined as per normal.


Distinct groups of Cult be purchased separately. Such multiple Cult backgrounds do not stack their benefits. They do, however, provide redundancy in case one such Cult is being attacked. Any Cult rated at above one dot at character generation required a very good explaination.


Distinct groups of Followers should be bought separately. Weird, unusual, or plain odd groups of Followers need to be explained and described so that the GM can appropriately run them.

World & Setting


Creation does have a horizon. The Loom of Fate imposes a false horizon on Creation to cut down on the number of destiny interactions it has to juggle. The Imperial Mountain can be made out from all over the Blessed Isle, and a distance around it, due to its special status as part pf the Elemental Pole of Earth. In addition, certain Charms can simply break this limitation as they can break many others.

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