Crafting House Rules (Exalted 2e)




An improperly furnished workspace only makes it harder. In the First Age, Exalted built massive ateliermanses for their crafts, which provided an infi nite variety of tools and workspaces while automatically rearranging the geomancy of the workspace for maximum harmony with the current project. Second Age artificers are not nearly so lucky. Fortunately, crafting daiklaves and other "no moving parts" artifacts requires less exotic equipment than does magitech, which cannot be built or repaired without a host of dedicated tools. On the other hand, relying on craftsmanship instead of motonic science and prefabricated components means that even the best workshops offer less benefit to artisans. Workspaces range from ideal (the above atelier manses) to rudimentary (a hut with a few scavenged tools). The quality of the workspace includes the existence, quality of and appropriateness of the tools within that space.


Workshops may have specialties, indicating types of work for which it is particularly well-outfi tted. This reduces the external penalties by one for lesser workshops or adds one die per roll for master’s or better workshops. Specialties include silk-weaving, sword-smithing, gem-carving and the like. Refitting a workshop for a different specialty takes about a month of focused work or the equivalent of an Artifact 2 creation for a flawless workshop. Ideal workshops can mimic any one specialty at a time after one week of self-adjustment.

Grades of Workshop

Rudimentary Workshop

Sometimes one has to make do with only the most basic of tools and improvised of supplies for a task. Such rudimentary workshop is virtually free, but that’s its only benefit.

Using a rudimentary workshop applies an external penalty of -4 to all rolls to craft an artifact because of the great lack of preparedness. Shaping Hand Style (see The Manual of Exalted Power—The Dragon-Blooded, p. 142) makes hands into effective tools of any mundane sort and allows a character to function at this level without any workshop at all.

Basic Workshop

A basic workshop is well-equipped, but entirely mundane in its focus. This is a village blacksmith’s forge, carpenter’s shop, weaver’s loom or other setup with all the necessary tools. It costs Resources 3 to build a shop and Resources 2 each month to maintain it.

A basic workshop applies a -2 external penalty to all artifact crafting rolls. A character using Craftsman Needs No Tools (see Exalted, p. 213) or Clay-Wetting Practice (see The Manual of Exalted Power—The Lunars, p. 149), both of which allow an Exalt to function without tools, operates at this level and would allow a craftsman to perform swordsmithing without even a fire or hammer at hand.

Master's Workshop

A master’s workshop comes with every tool one could want for mundane artifice, whether the craft is weaving, gem-cutting or alchemy. It certainly includes several tools of superior workmanship, and maybe a few of perfect workmanship or preserved from the Shogunate or Old Realm. Such a workshop costs Resources 4 to build and Resources 3 each month to maintain, but does not penalize the rolls to create the artifact. Founding a workshop of this sort is sure to draw attention, unwanted by most returning Solars.

A character using a basic workshop supplemented by Craftsman Needs No Tools functions at this level.

Flawless Workshop

A flawless workshop is stocked entirely with perfect or First Age tools. The artisan has every mundane ingredient found in Creation, and a few exotic ingredients from demesnes, the Wyld, the Fair Folk or other arcane sources. The Dragon-Blooded preserved such workshops through the Usurpation, so contemporary savants and artificers call them Shogunate-style workshops. The Realm, Lookshy and a few other nations of exceptional wealth build and maintain a few flawless workshops; the Sidereals and the Silver Pact own a few more. A flawless workshop adds two dice to each crafting roll.

Assembling a flawless workshop typically requires it to be integrated into the design for a manse. However the required geomantic environment can be artificially engineered and thus, by using the labor pool and costs like that necessary for creating a three-dot manse, one can be set up anywhere.

However the flawless workshop is constructed the spiritual impact is significant. People and beings sensitive to mundane or spiritual events will notice such a workshop’s construction unless the artisans take extreme and supernatural measures for secrecy.

Ideal Workshop

An ideal workshop consists of a First Age factory-cathedral or atelier-manse. Such facilities must be part of powerful manses (see the "Atelier-Manse" and "Factory-Cathedral" manse powers below).
They also require three powerful, exotic components every year to continue operating.
An ideal workshop adds four dice to artifact crafting rolls.

These wonders have all ceased to function since the Usurpation, and the Fair Folk and the Wyld destroyed many of their remains during the Contagion. Any that exist certainly need major repairs. If an ideal workshop could be built or repaired, all the powers-that-be from the Scarlet Dynasty to Malfeas would notice—and if they could not take it for themselves, they would try to destroy it.



Cost: 7m, 1wp; Mins: Craft 4, Essence 3;
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Varies
Prerequisite Charms: Any Craft Excellency

The Chosen bring harmony to Creation. This Charm supplements a roll for a Craft action. It removes the need for tools, negating the penalties for lack of tools for mundane crafting and providing the equivalent of a basic workshop for purposes of crafting artifacts. If used with a basic workshop then it provides one automatic success to mundane crafting actions and allows the workshop to act as the equivalent of a master's workshop for this action. The character still requires the necessary raw materials.

If used to enhance a Craft action to build something, the character accomplishes (Essence x3) hours work for each hour invested.


Cost: — (+10m, 1wp) Mins: Craft 5, Essence 4;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Comb-OK, Obvious, Shaping
Prerequisite Charms: Craftsman Needs No Tools

Creation is the Lawgiver’s workshop. This Charm enhances Craftsman Needs No Tools and allows the character to spend an addition 10 motes and one temporary Willpower while activating the Charm. If he opts to do so then his essence flows around him, shaping his surroundings into whatever small things he needs - advanced tools, complex frameworks, common materials - as he names and knows them.

For purposes of crafting artifacts he may treat a basic or master's workshop as if it were a flawless workshop or, if lacking any workshop at all, act as if he were using a master's workshop. For purposes of creating an object with a mundane Craft he may add automatic success to his roll equal to [the character's permanent Essence] in addition to the automatic success normally provided by Craftsman Needs No Tools.


Cost: —; Mins: Craft (any) 5, Essence 5;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Infinite Craft Mastery, Crack-Mending Technique, Craftsman Needs No Tools
As the premiere artisans of the Chosen, the Solars can achieve in a mortal lifetime what lesser Exalted require centuries to understand. Purchase of this Charm reduces by one dot each the minimum Craft, Lore, Medicine and Occult requirements to build or repair artifacts—to a minimum requirement of one dot for any Ability normally required for the task. Therefore, a four-dot artifact (normally requiring Lore, Occult and Craft at 6 to build and at 5 to repair) would require those Abilities only at 5 to build or 4 to repair. Purchasing this Charm also reduces by three the total number of dots the character must allocate among Craft, Lore and Occult to design manses.

Characters may purchase this Charm up to two times. If the character already meets the requirements for such activities then they instead gain a single automatic success to the appropriate rolls as their genius shines through.


One-Point Powers

Expanded Workshop

This manse power extends the capacities of a single existing workshop in the same manse and may be purchased multiple times as desired. Each purchase allows one of the following two options:

  • Allows the workshop to be used for one additional field of Craft (ie Earth, Fire, Magi-tech, Genesis, etc).
  • Allows one additional incomplete project to exist in the workshop without interfering with other projects.

Two-Point Powers

Master's Workshop

The manse has rooms converted into a master's workshop stocked with the appropriate tools and supplies for a number of different Craft Abilities equal to the manse's rating. This feature can be purchased multiple times to further increase the range of Craft Abilities the workshop can accommodate.

From Dreams of the First Age.

Three-Point Powers

Workshop Manse

Appropriate Craft at 5
Built for a long-ago craftsman of the Shogunate or before, the manse is one of the most well-equipped workshops in Creation today. The player chooses a Craft, whether mundane such as Water or esoteric such as Magitech or Genesis, to which her Workshop is dedicated. Those working there have the tools to repair virtually any wonder falling under that Craft’s purview. It is a flawless workshop for artifact construction (see above); if for Magitech or Genesis, it is a four-dot workshop for purpose of repairs on such items (see Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 9).

Four-Point Powers


Craft (Magitech) 5, other Craft at 5

This power represents an area of the manse which has been geomantically prepared and physically fitted for the processes of crafting. It is considered an ideal workshop usable for a single elemental Craft. The Expanded Workshop manse power may be used to allow it to handle other elemental craft or multiple projects at once, but it may not be expanded to any more exotic craft. In addition, it possesses a single speciality and may also have an Atelier-Manse Forge installed within it.

Manses with this power always have Maintenance 3 (gaining Creation Points for that drawback) and Repair 4 (refer to Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 9).

Five-Point Powers


Craft (Magitech) 6

Faith, magic and technology come together in the factory-cathedral. Within its walls are produced glorious wonders reserved for the greatest gods and Chosen. Factory-cathedrals constructed indefatigable guards for the borders of Creation, the royal warstriders that once accompanied Dawn Caste generals into battle, and the components of the Realm Defense Grid. Almost no factory-cathedrals endure today, and those that remain are terribly damaged or lost to the impassable wilderness.

This power imparts all the benefits of Temple Manse (Power 3) and an ideal workshop (see p. 28) for Craft (Magitech), with the automated production of an Atelier-Manse (Power 4). A working factory cathedral can make magitech artifacts rated 4 or lower, assuming the owner has the requisite Abilities and raw materials.

Factory-cathedrals all require Maintenance 4 and get Creation Points for this. The Maintenance has two aspects. Everyone who enters must undergo purification rituals, lest unclean Essence contaminate the delicate machinery. Every year, a factory-cathedral also consumes at least three exotic ingredients suitable for crafting artifacts rated 3 or higher: for instance, 10 talents of jade, a frozen lightning bolt and the blood of a Second Circle demon. They are also magitech artifacts with Repair ratings of 5. (See Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 9, for Repair ratings and more information on factory-cathedrals, as well as Chapter One of this book.)

Operating a factory-cathedral demands certain rituals and specialized knowledge that has largely been lost. Characters who want to use a factory-cathedral need to find the records or notes of the long-dead Exalted who built it.

A factory-catherdral is an ideal workshop dedicated to construct magitech and simple artifacts of any rating (including assembling level-5 components into an N/A wonder) - not simply those rated 4 or less as erroneously indicated. Using its automated production systems, a factory cathedral can also build artifacts without ongoing involvement of its owner (like an atelier-manse can). More importantly, these structures can simultaneously produce batches of the same artifact if they have sufficent raw materials, up to a total number of copies equal to the members in a unit with Magnitude (5-artifact rating). If a factory-cathedral power becomes damaged for any reason, it will not work again until it has been fixed as a large five-dot Repair 5 artifact. In all other ways, this power uses the rules provided.

Genesis Laboratory

Craft(Genesis) 6, Craft(Magitech) 6, Structures: Maintainance 3
This feature is basically a factory-cathederal for creating living artifacts, aiding Craft(Genesis) instead of Craft(Magictech). These faculties replace Temple Manse properties with Analytical Senses, however, as it is far more important to understand the complexities of living Essence than channel the englightenment of a higher power.


Four Dot Artifacts

Atelier-Manse Forge

While a manse can provide marvellous spaces for the creation of wonders there comes a point at which more the tools used must, in and of themselves, be wonders. An Atelier-Manse Forge is one part automaton and one part artifact and must be situated in the space provided by the Atelier-Manse manse power, allowing the workshop to adapt to ideally suit the project at hand and to even repeat precisely the steps that a crafter had taken.

Use of a suitable atelier-manse also reduces the interval for Crafting rolls for any product of thaumaturgy or an elemental Craft, whether it be a mundane item or a non-magitech artifact. Items which are simpler, with the final product costing Resources 2 or less, reduced the interval by two steps instead. The time reduction progresses as follows: seasons to months, months to weeks, weeks to days, and days to scenes/hours.

In addition the automated workshop can be commanded to memorise how it is used to create a non-artifact item. Only one such project can be memorised at a time, but until replaced or deliberately wiped the Forge can replicate the process of creation up to and including the rolls made. It may not replicate the effects of a non-Excellency Charm however, and will signal the user of this fact if commanded to memorise such a process, but otherwise may be commanded to create the item so long as it has suitable materials and the owner so desires.

Five Dot Artifacts

Factory-Cathedral Sanctum



Given that it costs three exotic components (apparently which ones fixed based on the exact construction of the factory cathederal) suitable for a three dot artifact per season, I'd peg the 'shut down' as costing a specific the shutdown as taking a specific exotic ingredient (and minor ritual) while starting it up from 'cold' as taking several others.

To start off you have two simple things: 'Masters Workshop' would be a one dot Manse Power which gives you, as you might guess, a master's workshop for crafting. 'Workshop Manse' is a three dot Manse Power as per the book including having to specify the Craft it is for and is a flawless workshop."

Once you have a Workshop Manse it is a one dot Manse Power for each other Craft you wish to outfit it for use with.

As a five dot Manse Power, similar to the former one, in which you can make a 'Factory-Cathederal'. This counts as a Temple Manse, an ideal workshop for Craft[Magic-Tech], and can be outfitted for any other craft you care to (each extra one counting as a one dot power). It can automate making anything up to an Artifact 4 and its use can be factored into artifact design as though it were an exotic material suitable for a four dot artifact. However it requires Maintance 4 as per the book and all assistants or users must know the appropriate rituals to make use of it.

What rituals are those? Not thaumaturgy, I hope…

The right prayers to say, where to bow, where you're not allowed to speak…

Where you need to ritually clean yourself without entering and so on.

I'll have to work out a power to represent additional workshops, but normally only one project can be worked on per workshop.

About the 'artifact' that needs to put in the 'reserved space': Does that need to be constructed as a seperate crafting project?

Artifact 4 for the Altier-Manse. Artifact 5 for the Factory-Cathederal. I slightly expanded the capabilities of the Altier-Manse and added a nice extra to the Factory-Manse to make up. In both cases I more expect you to locate and use/steal an existing one than make it from scratch yourself.

The manse-machine is aligned with a certain elemental Craft and can quickly produce things chosen by the hearthstone bearer. It continues making whatever she designates until it runs out of raw materials, or she assigns it a new task. To set her manse for production, the hearthstone bearer must have the Abilities to design it. She must also feed it enough raw materials to make the product. It is a flawless workshop (see p. 28).

Unlike with Factory-Cathedral (Power 5), these manses can’t make magitech. At most, it can duplicate the products of thaumaturgy. Atelier-manses always have Maintenance 3 (gaining Creation Points for that drawback) and Repair 4 (refer to Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 9). Artifacts are beyond them, but they aren’t too limited: everything from swords (Craft [Fire]) to pieces of music (Craft [Air]) can be mass-produced in an appropriate atelier-manse. Use of a suitable atelier-manse also reduces the interval for Crafting rolls, whether for mundane items or non-magitech artifacts: from seasons to months, months to weeks, weeks to days, and days to scenes. Reduce the time one step for items of Resources value 3+, two steps for items of Resources 2 or 1.

When one of these automated assembly lines builds an object, the manse normally uses the traits of its hearthstone bearer as they were at the time the manse recieved orders to start production. If the manse has Ability Enlightenment dedicated to the appropriate Craft, however, it cannot garner fewer than four successes on rolls for that Craft regardless of the actual roll (preventing the natural botches that result from human error). Alternatively a sentient manse can substitute its own traits if they are better than those of its hearthstone bearer. If an Atelier Manse power becomes damaged for any reason it will not work again until it has been fixed as a large Repair 4 artifact. Once a manse has atelier capacity, upgrading it to work with another elemental Craft ability costs only one Creation Point.

Atelier-Manse is a four dot Manse Power which outfits a space for an 'Atelier-Forge' artifact to be put in and is the only place that magic-tech artifact will work. Initially it is set for a single elemental Craft, but you can expand it in the same way as a Workshop manse. It is an ideal workshop and reduces the crafting time of anything made in it as per the book. In -addition- you can set it to start production on things then leave it running, but can't make anything except mundane items or the products of thaumaturgy. You need to be able to make it yourself to 'program' it to start doing this though.