Each category is made up of three traits:

  • a Power trait which is straightforward, generally applicable, and obvious.
  • a Finesse trait which is subtle, slow, and specifically targeted.
  • a Resistance trait which opposes uses of the other traits of the category and can sometimes be used to help resist other categories.


This category is about passive interaction with the enviroment. About realising what is there in general, about noticing details, and about adjusting what you show to the System in return.


This covers general ability to sense the surrounding area, to 'intuit' nearby structures, to get an impression of who and what is where. Used directly upon someone you can 'pat them down' to discover what is in their inventory.


This is about working out what the details of something mean as well as their advantages or disadvantages. A careful analysis takes time, but is applicable in situations from finding the exact damage to use a Restore item on to realising that the keypad for a hidden port is trapped.


This trait helps make you alter how the other sensory traits pick you up. You can try to seem unremarakable enough to be ignored by bots or other people, make your passives seem less (or more) threatening than they really are, or generally give false impressions.


This category covers direct interaction with the enviroment be it moving about, withstanding attacks, 'picking' a codelock, or smashing through a barrier.


This trait covers applying brute force methods to a problem can have interesting, albeit often damaging, results. You can break a codelock, force a barrier temporarily down, pummel a bot, or otherwise demonstrate that if violence doesn't solve your problems then you aren't using enough of it.


This trait covers changing physical aspects within the limits of what their code allows, but often requires tools specific to the situation. This trait effects how fast you can transverse ports and within rooms, how well you can actively avoid attacks, or (with the right codepick) how you can persuade a lock that you'd obviously given it the right combination.


This trait determines how resistant to external change you are and how much such changes must effect you before you become impeded. Someone who is very robust seems not to feel it when they are hurt or hungry, their inventory space is secure against prying hands, and others can even seem to have trouble touching them.


This category involves altering code or the enviroment in ways that it shouldn't be able to attain. Someone can use Force to break something (make it simply not work) or Adjust to try altering it to a different state, the traits of Tweaking allow you to change code beyond its normal stats. Typically using tweaking is tiring in short order especially cracking.


This trait covers fast changes with little little care for whatever repercussions there might be. This lets you alter a codepad to explode when a code is put in, force a damaging barrier to be harmless, or rip something from anothers inventory.


This trait covers smaller and subtler alterations of code, typically allowing improvement in exchange for degredation in another. Adjust would allow you to make a codelock let you through, but would have to be used each time, but Tune could be used to add in a new valid passcode which you could then use in future.

Tune is also the trait normally used for 'intimate adjustments of state'.


This trait concerns resisting uses of tweaking on ones self, noticing such changes, and otherwise recovering from unwanted alterations of oneself. It can be used to resist, or even actively reject, unwanted changes or to mitigate any unwanted side effects. It also provides an improved capacity to recover from damage, be it natural healing or active use of Restore items.

x Stages

x Child


x Teen


x Mature


x Actions

x Items

x Active

x Consumable

+++x "Juice" and "Coins"

x Passive

x Armor

x Boosters

xxx Capacity

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[22:42] * @David-Visage sighs.
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[23:07] * Wage|Desleeping waves to David. "Evening, sir. You okay there?"
[23:08] <@David-Visage> Hey there. I'm just a little off balance today in a rather literal sense.
[23:08] <Wage|Desleeping> Oh dear.
[23:13] <@David-Visage> How are you though?
[23:15] <Wage|Desleeping> Sort of in the same boat, but just tired/not-tired and my body keeps yo-yoing between the two, not tired enough to nap, not awake enough to do something really constructive.
[23:20] * @David-Visage pats, "Anything I can do to help?"
[23:21] <Wage|Desleeping> Well, tell me more about that picture you linked last night on your way out? That'd be a start. =)
[23:28] <Wage|Desleeping> http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/461846/
[23:28] <Wage|Desleeping> That is?
[23:29] * @David-Visage smiles, "Well, the ideas which were drifting about in my mind could be described as 'Tron or cyberpunk gone horrible pervy'…"
[23:31] <Wage|Desleeping> I was picturing a 'feedback' suit with punkian themes as a 'punishment' for sexual deviance.
[23:33] <@David-Visage> Ah… This was a little more complex and was possible a setting for something, but using that picture for something a little more through matters. Although it'd be a case of 'You wake up and things seem… different.'
[23:34] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod*
[23:34] <Wage|Desleeping> I was thinking "And we're repressing some of your memory centers, and we will incorporate them as a reward but only if you wish."
[23:35] <@David-Visage> Welcome to the System. We're sure that you're going to -excel-.
[23:36] * @David-Visage tries to think of a good starting point at which to describe this, "Mind if I describe how you'd be 'introduced' to things without it becoming a scene?"
[23:39] <@David-Visage> It's the idea of waking slowly up and realising that things feel… different. That you feel lighter, smaller, and there's things that you know you should probably remember but won't come to mind. Things like your name or specifics of people you knew or what places you'd visited were (or had looked like). All the unique little things which would make up your life history are just gone and for a lot else your memories feel second or third hand.
[23:40] <Wage|Desleeping> Not a scene, you're describing an introduction. You do not want interaction as a scene, but perhaps a question or two along the way from an outside perspective? (Very nice)
[23:40] * @David-Visage nods, "Questions would be fine, but I was trying to describe the situation rather than dragging it into a roleplayed scene just now."
[23:42] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod* What sense would come to the attention of the subject first?
[23:43] <@David-Visage> It would be a case of opening your eyes to find that you're laying on a sort of technological bier in a place which is all colors and geometrically straight lines. That your body feels… young as though you'd not hit puberty, imperfections buffed out, and dressed in a black body suit. That the ceiling and floor glow vaguely, but this illuminated the doorless room without shadows being cast.
[23:43] <@David-Visage> And you can't even remember your -name- for sure.
[23:44] <@David-Visage> I suspect that they'd first register their body as 'off' followed by openning their eyes. The room is quiet with only a vague background hum.
[23:45] <Wage|Desleeping> Good set-up. And it'd make it hard to determine *what* was different by sight, too, given the vague lighting, right?
[23:47] * @David-Visage smiles, "Oddly enough, things seem to stand out quite well. Which is frankly as unnatural as the lighting when you think about it."
[23:48] <Wage|Desleeping> Yeah. And I would guess that the smell factor would be drowned out by clinical cleansing type smells?
[23:50] <@David-Visage> Lots of things seem to have either too much detail or not enough. You can easily follow the line of the edges of the parts making out the wall, which are incredibly crisp, while your hands have -got- to be in some sort of glove as they lack a lot of small detail. The scent of the room, as far as you can tell, is crisp and clean without anything which stands out. Sniffing something closely, even your own hands or something, wouldn't register anything else.
[23:54] <Wage|Desleeping> Also willing to bet that is dulling the sense of touch somewhat.
[23:55] <@David-Visage> A little…
[23:55] <Wage|Desleeping> What sort of sounds are in the room?
[23:56] * @David-Visage points to the bit about the background hum.
[23:57] <@David-Visage> You'd have a while to get 'used' to things, perhaps a few minutes or perhaps an hour, and nothing in the room would dent, break, or even scuff. Finally though you'd hear a voice, sourceless but somehow 'private' in a way you instantly know, reciting a message to you.
[23:57] <@David-Visage> "Welcome to the System. We're sure that you're going to -excel-. You are new so we will guide you through a basic tutorial of functions before moving onto testing."
[23:58] <Wage|Desleeping> That'd be sort of creepy, especially given the 'private' sense to the conversation. I would imagine some confusion or curiosity would be in order to try and get the tutorial going.
Session Time: Sat Nov 19 00:00:00 2011
[00:01] * @David-Visage notes that this is probably the point at which the fact you seem to be wearing 'earmuffs', as shown in the image, would become apparent.
[00:02] <@David-Visage> The voice would seem to be coming through the 'headset' if that makes sense. And would guide you through a basic series of actions starting with 'get up and try not to fall over' then have you walk around the 'databier' clockwise once then anticlockwise twice. Then it'd show you how to spot a 'port' (which seems to be a sort of hidden door) and call up what looks to be a holographic display and keyboard.
[00:04] <@David-Visage> Into which you're asked to register a name for yourself. And, yes, it'd be annoying to find out that a lot of names were already taken…
[00:05] <Wage|Desleeping> Basic things with most senses tamped down so the focus can be on them, rather than any other issues. That makes sense. Depending on how long a body was down, that'd be either very hard to walk, or not walk. Solid light displays and keyboards… that's just awesome. Hmmm. Names. Any prohibited names aside from ones taken?
[00:06] * Tsureai (~ten.nozirev.tsae.cdhsaw.49-50-13-12-mlwn|eM#ten.nozirev.tsae.cdhsaw.49-50-13-12-mlwn|eM) has joined #whateley-theory
[00:08] <@David-Visage> It'll accept, permanently, the first valid one entered so which would you try?
[00:08] <@David-Visage> Hey there, Tsu.
[00:09] <Tsureai> ?
[00:09] <Wage|Desleeping> Hey Tsu. Hmmm. Al. All. Allorn. Allorna.
[00:11] <@David-Visage> Just going over an idea, but not playing it out as a scene.
[00:12] <@David-Visage> 'Allorn' would get accepted followed by the wall at the port just vanishing entirely, like it had never been there, to reveal a small alcove which the voice would urge to you to 'Enter the port before transit to the start of the tutorial.'.
[00:13] <Wage|Desleeping> Given the relatively reasonable methodology thus far, it wouldn't be that huge of a leap to do exactly as requested.
[00:14] * @David-Visage (moc.sulplartnectb.118-868egnar.081-791-371-071afej|erehwesle#moc.sulplartnectb.118-868egnar.081-791-371-071afej|erehwesle) Quit (Excess Flood)
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[00:14] <@David-Visage> Oops.
[00:15] <Wage|Desleeping> Given the relatively reasonable methodology thus far, it wouldn't be that huge of a leap to do exactly as requested. (repost)
[00:17] * @David-Visage nods, "It's a small space but, frankly, what it'd bring most to mind was a very small lift."
[00:19] <Wage|Desleeping> Then into the 'lift'. It's really not rocket science, is it? And no reason to doubt so far.
[00:19] * Tsureai is now known as Hitomi
[00:21] <@David-Visage> Getting in would result in the 'door' reappearing behind you and then the hum becoming louder, quietening, and becoming louder again in a cycle. The floor and ceiling glow provides the same 'too good' lighting as before. After a minute or two you'd feel something brush against your ear, which is odd given those sealed on earmuffs, and a glance sideways would reveal that a wire had somehow emerged from the wall to 'plug' into the earmuff.
[00:22] <@David-Visage> It gives a little 'spark' and you're very glad that your youthened body doesn't have certain reactions yet as it felt -good-. Suddenly you -know- that your name is 'Allorn', that you'll respond to it, and it's your -name-.
[00:27] <Wage|Desleeping> I would imagine an internal victory celebration of sorts is happening along with this, knowing one's name is a kind of a big thing.
[00:30] * @David-Visage nods then grins, "The tutorial… Well, it'd be 'testing' in various ways to say the least. Seeing how you approach problems of various kinds, starting with simple physical ones then moving onto puzzles and more complex things. Showing you how to identify ports, rewrite zones (which was merged with that first port), barrier fields, access hatches, firewalls (and those -hurt- when you mess up), and even more features of this place."
[00:33] <Wage|Desleeping> I'm imagining an intuitive problem-solving process that adapts with conditioning for certain bad events, with some logic-leaps that were unexpected yet within the framework of the training.
[00:35] * @David-Visage murmurs, "Like the first time you try 'slipping' between glowing bars which are 'obviously' far enough apart for a small body like your own to get through without touching?"
[00:36] <Wage|Desleeping> That sort of thing, or approaching the puzzles from the 'back side' or the like.
[00:41] * @David-Visage nods, "The first really unbelievable thing would come after the first set of basic 'this is what a <x> is' puzzles which ends in a rewrite zone which provides you with an 'increased functionality'. In this case it seems to be the ability to 'pocket' certain items you come across starting with a little silver 'coin' which levitates a little distance above a surface and spins slowly. When you grab it, it'd vanish and the voice would explain that you have 'stored it'."
[00:42] <@David-Visage> A bit of practice has you putting it away, pulling it out, and eventually 'spending' it to get a certain type of port opening. Other items come afterwarda and you can similarly vanish/appear them.
[00:43] <Wage|Desleeping> That's pretty nifty. Is there an easily accessible inventory count so it's not constantly pulling an item out, putting it back to find out which one is where?
[00:47] * @David-Visage nods, "Although you've a tiny little space for storage and it'd take a while to judge the 'size' of an item (which doesn't relate to how -big- it ends up being). Welcome to a world of 'access keys', 'programable keys', 'brute forcers' (which look like a neon crowbar), and other wonders."
[00:47] * @David-Visage is sure that by this point you'd start to have some questions, or ideas, about the place…
[00:50] <Wage|Desleeping> Well, based on the information thus far, it's some sort of problem-solving or area-accessing training, and given that it's been somewhat 'virtual' the guess would be some sort of… simulspace training?
[00:50] <Wage|Desleeping> If there was a moment or two to ponder, then there would be pondering the situation outside of training.
[00:52] * @David-Visage smiles.
[00:53] <Wage|Desleeping> ie, this can't be cheap…
[00:55] <@David-Visage> Once you've got the basics of 'what stuff is' and 'how do I keep/use items' the training would start to ramp up. Multiple approaches, what seem to be turrets or clunky 'robots' to avoid, and the consequences get more painful with areas randomizing if you fail. But you get come of those coins for each one and the upgrade zones seem to be charging now to make you a little faster, stronger, tougher, and so on.
[00:56] * @David-Visage offers a silvery liquid, available from certain things for a coin or so, which seems to resolve any growing hunger, thirst, or need for sleep.
[00:57] * @David-Visage murmurs, "The body suit also, as far as you can tell, doesn't come off. And being upgraded is still crazily 'oh god' once the first wire plugs in even as you might be able to see the others doing something disturbing."
[00:59] <Wage|Desleeping> Would probably be staring blankly the first time, not quite registering, then sort of craving that in future 'upgrades'. It's a good system… keep the workers hard at work and wanting more.
[00:59] * @David-Visage nods.
[00:59] <@David-Visage> The more you upgrade, the more you'd seem to grow. Getting a little larger and, depending on your choices of upgrades, 'developing'. It'd be slow but noticable after a while.
[01:00] <Wage|Desleeping> And there's no real sense of time or urgency during this training period, is there?
[01:01] <Wage|Desleeping> But that good feeling would be… very attractive.
[01:02] <@David-Visage> Not any real urgency, no. Time is passing, and the hunger/fatigue does come back unless you get some 'juice', but there isn't a rush.
[01:05] <@David-Visage> Dare I ask what approaches, and upgrades, you might go for? Some items can be bought, but they also cost the coins.
[01:07] <Wage|Desleeping> Hmmm. Let's see. Something that would improve the time between needing to be 'juiced up', something to improve calculation times, and something for overall health I think would be the beginning steps, then perhaps mental acuity and storage?
[01:08] * @David-Visage notes this, "Not going for dexterity, agility, speed, or anything like that? Nor strength and such?"
[01:10] <Wage|Desleeping> "Those are next. First priorities would be increasing the capacity to 'make money' as it were, then with the increased 'cash flow' buying those upgrades as they can be afforded."
[01:11] <Wage|Desleeping> And since it's been largely problem-solving and mental acuity testing to begin with… with fuzzy memories of what may have been before, it's not really that hard to go that route.
[01:13] <@David-Visage> There isn't a direct 'intelligence boost', but it'd let you improve your abilities to see patterns, guess keys, 'intuit' what might be near by, take mental snapshots of things, and so on.
[01:14] <@David-Visage> All the upgrades are -expensive- though.
[01:15] <@David-Visage> There is also, after a while, an option to 'downgrade' certain areas. Which gets you a modest ammount, and more importantly makes the next couple of upgrades cheaper, but would cost much more to fix after.
[01:16] <Wage|Desleeping> Time to get to work, then. And Hmmm. What kind of things could be downgraded?
[01:19] <@David-Visage> Do you need that raw strength? If you don't mind making it so that you're not doing much to anything you hit with a weapon (and including brute forcing things open) then you downgrade that. Don't mind lumbering along? Downgrade your speed (but that does mean that some ports are more difficult to access). Don't need to see the subtle cues of patterns in an area as you'll just be bashing through? Downgrade recognition. And so on.
[01:20] <Wage|Desleeping> What kind of frame currently? Smaller, lighter, faster than any memory, right?
[01:20] <Wage|Desleeping> So a little strength could be pitched. Not a lot, but perhaps down to right around average or a little bit below. Not a weakling, but not burly.
[01:20] <Wage|Desleeping> Have to afk for a bit.
[01:21] <@David-Visage> You start off with nothing upgraded or downgraded (and the tutorial actually unlocks basic 'functionality' as it goes along). A downgrade prevents whatever area being upgrades until you 'fix' it, but otherwise there's no indication of what is 'average'.
[01:23] <@David-Visage> Being upgraded, I mean.
[01:24] * @David-Visage eyes Wage's initial preferences and breaks that down.
[01:24] * @David-Visage vanishes briefly.
[01:46] * Wage|Desleeping wil lretrun momentarily.
[01:48] * Wage|Desleeping is back
[01:51] * @David-Visage returns, "Sorry about that."
[01:53] <Wage|Desleeping> It's okay, I was gone for a while too, needed to get up and walk around.
[01:53] <@David-Visage> If I'm understanding things right, you'd want to get an upgraded internal store, increased efficiency (and -boy- is that one expensive for some reason), maybe a speed boost, increased 'robustness', and maybe improved perception/insight?
[01:56] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod*
[01:56] <Wage|Desleeping> If there are things that are cheaper, such as the robust and store, then those would be the priorities, then perception/insight speed boost Efficiency in that order
[01:58] <@David-Visage> Store actually seems to increase, to a small degree, just buy any upgrades. Apparrently as you 'mature' so does it. And if you go back to earlier tests (which you can, but they don't pay) then you'd find that everything seems slower, weaker, and -easier- so it seems that your other traits go up a bit too.
[01:59] <@David-Visage> It's just that the tests are getting harder and, unlike store, there's no easily accessable metric for comparison.
[01:59] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod* Then store would get pushed to a lower priority, since it does increase. Robust enough to get through more work before a 'recharge' would be useful.
[01:59] <Wage|Desleeping> Then Perception/insight/efficiency
[02:04] * @David-Visage conciders this then nods, "After a while, and those upgrades, your next challenge would be an… interesting one. Especially what it appears to be on the surface."
[02:05] <Wage|Desleeping> I would be eager to take on the next challenge!
[02:07] <Wage|Desleeping> And the 'on the surface' is why a work on perception/insight was in order.
[02:08] <@David-Visage> Because, really, the first impression you'd get of it would be when the latest upgrade zone starts work and announces a 'stage upgrade'. Which manifests as an effective a jump from 'pre-puberty' (where you're pretty androgynous even to yourself if you try to check) to 'teen' ('…I'm starting to have -curves-?').
[02:08] * @David-Visage murmurs, "And that is -very- disturbing when the wires go places to install this upgrade."
[02:09] * @David-Visage pauses before revealing the new training zone (with -all- the old ones suddenly inaccessable).
[02:09] <Wage|Desleeping> There'd probably be a bit of wincing and crying on this one, and some resistance for clearly perfectly and understandable reasons.
[02:10] * @David-Visage notes that the Voice, when it speaks, would now refer to you in the feminine where before it had totally avoided gender terms.
[02:11] <@David-Visage> Sorry? ^_^
[02:11] <@David-Visage> It isn't as if the testing really involves your new gender though…
[02:13] <Wage|Desleeping> I was thinking more along the lines of 'things touching spots' than anything else.
[02:13] <Wage|Desleeping> However, once the upgrade was *complete* I'd be better than before and ready for the next step.
[02:14] <Wage|Desleeping> Does that make sense?
[02:14] * @David-Visage nods, "Even before the 'puberty' upgrade the wires went into a lot of places. And having the new 'nerves' installed and tested would be… interesting."
[02:15] <@David-Visage> The training here actually revolves around two new 'unlocked' capabilities and how you can use them in general.
[02:15] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod* So, does that 'being referred to as female' contradict any of the fuzzy memories enough to cause alarm or concern?
[02:16] <Wage|Desleeping> And Let's Go! And test out the new stuff. *victory sign*
[02:16] <@David-Visage> It might not feel quite right, but a lot of things don't feel entirely 'right'.
[02:16] <@David-Visage> Of the new things: there are now 'worn' items which passively benefit you (rather than having to be taken out and actively used as items before this did). You see that 'jacket' worn in the original image? That's armor that is. And the rings on her limbs are boosters.
[02:19] <Wage|Desleeping> Boosters doing exactly that, working for a short period of time to increase capability but with a cool-down?
[02:19] <Wage|Desleeping> And armor being armor?
[02:20] <@David-Visage> Boosters are increases, like a partial upgrade, which have the advantage that you can hot swap them given a few minutes to 'get changed'. Armor is, as you guessed, resistance to damage but there are also versions which make you harder to grab or even harder to -see-.
[02:21] <Wage|Desleeping> Neat. That 'harder to see' is going to be on a shopping list someday.
[02:22] <@David-Visage> The rules for what works best, or is incompatable, with other worn items are acrane and a pain to learn. Wearing something takes up storage capacity while you have it 'on'. Technically you can just carry it in your hands, but then you don't get the benefits.
[02:25] <@David-Visage> The second capacity is 'tweaking' which you'd find isn't as hard to learn as it might be (your upgrades help a lot here). It includes a number of basic techniques which look (for example) like finding a 'crack' in something in which to ram that brute forcer or to 'find' an access code for something which flatly didn't exist before. This also includes what would probably be the most embaressing test that you'd run into as of yet…
[02:26] <Wage|Desleeping> *is due for some embarrassment.*
[02:26] <Wage|Desleeping> What happens?
[02:27] <@David-Visage> Because while you can 'tweak' yourself to temporarily improve yourself, the methodology for it is a little… intimate. (And it uses up juice to 'pay' for the temporarily improved capacities.)
[02:30] <Wage|Desleeping> We talking the "press legs together and grit teeth" intimate or the "tingling over certain sensitive areas" intimate?
[02:32] * @David-Visage murmurs, "More 'I put my hands -where-?! Now way!'. It is noted as being more effective when done by or to another…"
[02:33] * @David-Visage grins.
[02:34] <Wage|Desleeping> *Shoves that to the EMERGENCY USE ONLY* category. =P
[02:38] * @David-Visage grins, "It is a little… awkward to use. But it's the same sort of technique you'd use to persuade a code door that, yes, there really is a passcode that will have it open despite an alert being active… Oh, and here it is."
[02:39] <Wage|Desleeping> D'oH!
[02:39] <Wage|Desleeping> *takes a deep breath and tenses a bit before using the tweak override*
[02:41] <@David-Visage> It's just that the application usually does involve 'hands brushing over, pressing, etc'. What you're using it on effects the exact… motions though. For instance if you were practicing finding the 'crack' in something to put a forcer in then it'd be more like you were dusting it off. Or the code door would need 'careful examination' and maybe a tap or two. It just seems that -you- need -that- sort of touch.
[02:43] <@David-Visage> It's the reasoning, and insight, behind it which makes it strengthen rather than weaken.
[02:43] <Wage|Desleeping> *imagines some gritting of the teeth will be in order depending on what technique is required.* One hand typing between her legs as if on a keypad while the other is typing on the keypad access point?
[02:43] <@David-Visage> Only if you were trying to tweak both yourself -and- the keypad at the same time.
[02:46] <Wage|Desleeping> *Let's start with self, first… and if that doesn't work, then both.*
[02:49] * @David-Visage pats, "Sorry? Using it on other things is probably the one you'd try most of the time."
[02:52] <Wage|Desleeping> Oh, got that backwards. Okay, let's try it, then. *fingers crossed, muscles tensed*
[02:53] <@David-Visage> Specialised consumable items, boosters, or upgrades are far better. But if you need an edge…
[02:54] * Lysa is now known as Ditto
[02:56] <Wage|Desleeping> Or working on the fly, as it were?
[02:57] * @David-Visage nods, "That is what tweaking is all about."
[02:58] * Disconnected
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[02:59] * @MacGuffin nods, "That is what tweaking is all about."
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[03:00] <@David-Visage> Right, sorry about that.
[03:01] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod* Quite alright. So, continuing onward or heading to bed?
[03:02] <@David-Visage> I was actually eyeing what happens next and the actual next 'problem' in the testing which you'd first encounter as a teen after managing a fair ammount in there.
[03:02] <@David-Visage> Co-op testing… ^_^
[03:03] <Ditto> «
[03:03] <Ditto> »
[03:04] <Wage|Desleeping> Oh? This is interesting.
[03:12] * @David-Visage grins, "It'd start with strict seperation from others, just the equivilent of seeing someone at the other side of glass and working out that -both- of these buttons need pressed at the same time for you both to advance, and work up from there."
[03:12] * Ditto grins.
[03:14] <Wage|Desleeping> *I would imagine based on this being the first 'other' contact other than Voice, that this would probably develop into something more over time, just how humans are and all that?"
[03:14] * @David-Visage murmurs, "Cooperative seems to pay more than singular testing (but you need to do singular testing to -open- new cooperative stuff) and there is a risk in some tests of one of you 'stealing' the pay for both of you. It's when you're allowed into the same area, or just allowed to talk, that things get interesting."
[03:16] <@David-Visage> I'm sure you'd get on well with various partners…
[03:17] <Wage|Desleeping> Especially given the focus/direction I picked?
[03:19] * Ditto grins. "I think I'd need to pick a direction as well…"
[03:20] <@David-Visage> Especially when it turns out that messing up in tests at this level has more consequences than merely an 'ouchie'. You can get harmed, as well as just hurt. Now concider that reusable Restore items are 'heavy' and Restore items of any sort need some recoding/tweaking to work best on injuries.
[03:21] <@David-Visage> Should I ask what Ditto there'd have upgraded towards?
[03:22] <Ditto> Hmmm.
[03:22] <Wage|Desleeping> That's up to Ditto, I don't mind and I could use a partner, someone who gets things fixed…
[03:23] * Wage|Desleeping finds self humming "Opportunities (Let's make lots of money)"
[03:24] * Ditto ponders a 'hacker's hacker' sort of thing.
[03:24] <@David-Visage> I was refering more to the fact that you are setup pretty well to have Restore items tucked away safely until they're needed and then apply them well. Because while you can hold in hand items regardless of weight that means that they can get lost, stolen, or broken.
[03:25] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod*
[03:25] <Ditto> Like, there's that 'gentle caress' functionality to tweak keypads and things into behaving, right?
[03:26] <@David-Visage> And, really, you'd probably -cry- at the cost of replacing a good version of a reusable Restore item when some random bot smacked it out of your hand…
[03:26] <Wage|Desleeping> *nod*
[03:26] <@David-Visage> Ditto, that sort of thing became available as a teen. Before then you didn't know that it existed.
[03:27] <Ditto> Hmm. I think initially it'd be speed, agility, and smarts/intuition.
[03:27] <@David-Visage> As a general note, -all- the teens are in the same situation when they swap stories in regards to the blanked memory and not knowing where they are.
[03:28] <@David-Visage> In terms of agility do you mean 'dodging' or 'agile fingers'?
[03:28] <Ditto> Hmm.
[03:28] <@David-Visage> And did you want to downgrade anything?
[03:29] * @David-Visage notes that smarts/intuition breaks up a lot too.
[03:30] <Ditto> Probably start at putting points in dodging, since that'd be most useful against basic threats? Once 'tweaking' comes up, 'agile fingers' seems like it might be beneficial…
[03:31] <Ditto> Maybe downgrade strength a -little-?
[03:33] * @David-Visage murmurs, "While upgrades go up in small stage, downgrades have the choice only of 'worse than average' or 'truly terrible'."
[03:33] <Ditto> In that case, skip it for now.
[03:33] * Ditto is trying not to commit to anything particular until seeing what kind of niches present themselves.
[03:36] <@David-Visage> Any particular sort of smarts or intuition? Or would you scatter shot upgrades between 'opponent prediction', 'area intuition', 'general perception', 'pattern recognition', 'analysis', and so on?
[03:38] <Ditto> Probably scattershot? Jack of all trades unless I found that leveling something up gave some kind of interesting/useful perk.
[03:43] * @David-Visage conciders this and how 'puberty' upgrade would go then grins.
[03:46] <Wage|Desleeping> Messily? *ducks*
[03:47] * Ditto meeps?
[03:47] * @David-Visage murmurs, "The upgrade wouldn't be -bad- to this other (who does need to select a name). Who'd certainly feel faster, lighter, stronger now than before. A build which is tending towards that of a 'runner' in some ways."
[03:48] <Ditto> Ooooo, cyber-parkour.
[03:49] * Ditto pauses to consider names.
[03:49] <@David-Visage> Fast, good at all sort of perception and vision, and not -weak-. You'd find that the costs in the 'teen' area tend to be better when you take things emphasising a guard, observer, or scout role.
[03:50] <@David-Visage> Of those, you'd be nudged towards scout subtly but the system wouldn't fight you if you tried for something fitting the others.
[03:50] * Ditto nods. "Higher level purchases are discounted based on previous purchases?"
[03:51] <Ditto> And what's the difference between scout and observer?
[03:52] <@David-Visage> If you start buying robustness, the -expensive- 'juice efficency' upgrade, or observation a lot over motion then you're more of an observer who'd get somewhere they hide and report. Scout would be actively moving about more. Although neither role is mentioned at all at this point.
[03:53] * Ditto nods. "I was just curious as to the differences between them re: abilities I'd end up buying on the way to each."
[03:54] * @David-Visage murmurs, "So basically, you want to avoid the 'lets see what happens with my choices' like the situation is?" ^_^;
[03:55] * Ditto laughs. "You opened the door."
[03:55] * @David-Visage mentioned it to Wage after he'd made his choices.
[03:56] <Ditto> Ah.
[03:56] <Ditto> Well…
[03:57] <Ditto> Is there weaponry? Knives/swords, melee, ranged?
[03:57] <Wage|Desleeping> I'm not upset, based on the situational background (fuzzy memories) I went with 'gut' feeling.
[03:59] <@David-Visage> Those fall under 'items'. And ranged weapons are around, but rather… inefficent due to ammo taking up a fair ammount of store and them normally not firing through what looks like doorways.
[03:59] <@David-Visage> You've the choice of 'one bullet or one grenade' taking up the same space in your storage.
[04:00] <Ditto> Fair point. I'll probably 'run' with the scout stuff, because it seems to fit best?
[04:00] * @David-Visage isn't going to force you.
[04:01] <Ditto> Honestly? I'd still go scattershot, with an eye on stuff that looks useful to my playstyle, and an eye on cost.
[04:02] * @David-Visage conciders the two and co-op, "I do wonder if either of you invested much in armor or items."
[04:03] * @David-Visage notices the time and winces, "…gah."
[04:03] <Ditto> Go sleep!
[04:03] <Wage|Desleeping> Yeah!
[04:03] <@David-Visage> Sorry about this, but good night to you both.
[04:03] * Wage|Desleeping would do stealth armor =P
[04:04] <@David-Visage> I'll be more coherent about this tomorrow and put something up maybe. And reveal what the 'adult' upgrade does…
[04:04] <@David-Visage> Good night.
[04:04] <Wage|Desleeping> Rest wel
[04:04] <Wage|Desleeping> well, even
[04:05] * @David-Visage fades to RL.
[04:05] * @David-Visage (moc.sulplartnectb.913-368egnar.93-233-413-813hgpe|erehwesle#moc.sulplartnectb.913-368egnar.93-233-413-813hgpe|erehwesle) Quit
Session Close: Sat Nov 19 04:05:10 2011

Extreme Traits

If your trait is high enough to -utterly- overwhelm something, be that another person or even a room, then things get interesting. Generally you have to both overwhelm both the person and the area, but…
However, there's an absolute minimum for the above plus a margin over the opposition which is also required.

With Force you can contort the local geometry and rooms which lets you 'force quit' an area, decide that it doesn't -really- need a port here, or that the room would be better as a narrow passageway…
"Punch the world into a configuration that suits you."

With Adjust you could arbitarily alter your location in a region so long as there was -a- route to there open, 'dodge' a bot so that it attacked something else entirely, or access the 'deep functions' of a codelock to reset it (and thus block normally authorised users).

With Robust you can tank damage as though it wasn't there at all, impede attacks against anyone or anything around you, or stop someone who you've grasped from being able to leave your grip…

Scan would let you 'deep scan' someone and know everything about them from the upgrades on up, force a test/system to yeild its entire structural plan to you, or 'ping' everyone in the same system as though you were a more normal person scanning from right next to them.

Analyze would let you track someone, following where they had been in a system or beyond. Then once you found them you could find about everything about them short of reading their thoughts, finding out all their flaws and weaknesses and hidden reactions.
Deceive would allow you to immitate a bot fully and be allowed anywhere that bot might wander. To immitate someone and potentially receive their calls and messages. To -vanish- in front of someone until you care to interact with them again.

Crack is worse. Truly. To heck with just ripping things out of your inventory, someone with extreme Crack could reach in and -crush- upgrades, traits, or even basic functionality.
Better get to an upgrade zone, really talented restorer, or similar -now- before everything inside you comes crashing down…

But an extreme Tune is -evil- as they don't just break or ruin, but alter and adjust. He puts in backdoors in systems or bots, changing who they think 'owns them, and can even get his fingers into -you- so that you'll just let him change how you think…
You'll have to recover on your own as even upgrade zones see just things working normally.

Extreme Integrity, over and above making you nigh immune to the above abuses, makes you a -pain- to deal with. There is no indirect way of harming or even slowing you down and direct ways run into a quite ridiculous rate of recovery. People trying to imitate you through Decieve have problems getting the high definition of your code right and you can use items which normally have nigh ruinous side effects with only minor annoyance… until you decide just to kick the entire thing out of your system.
Like having some really kickass backup and version control.
It is the 'optional' which makes it really good. You can let something happen then change your mind…

If you've got good Deceive then, with this, you could -fake- having something like that.