A Different Tack


xx intro here? Basically working out something weird/fetish then trying to figure out how a world handles it in more pragmatic ways.

Accursed Tack

xx The thing to keep in mind is that tack can be reproduced because it's a curse which spreads onto fresh components. It causes problems first then gives benefits after.


xx Tack does not work for men. Fiddling with the definition of 'not men' gets messy although is likely worked out.

For tack to have any beneficial effect then one of all four categories of primary tack needs to be worn and, of these, at least three must be magical while a mundane equivalent may substitute for the fourth item.


xx Restrains arms and renders unable to remove tack (own or others). Shapes figure and aids health.


xx Sure footed, but forced into stances and strides.


xx Allows pulling more weight than 'should' be able to. Harnesses will, projecting attitudes.


xx Guides the wearer. Feels good/bad.

Optional Accessories

xx While the primary items of tack must be worn, anything else worn will also have the magic spread to it. The exact effects are less predictable than the primary components and may be anything from purely cosmetic to entirely frustrating. These benefits and curses are, in general, only active when worn with a full set of tack but a few (specifically the rings and stud) have aspects which linger.


xx Little clamps with bells attached. The curse keeps them on, jingling, and 'uncomfortable'. It also makes people aware of the wearer well in time to stay out of the way, if they so desire, and are thus usually required to be worn when a cart is being drawn in a mostly pedestrian area.




xx Blinkers deliberately reduce the view of the wearer in order to cut down on distraction. The curse makes the wearer uncomfortably aware that they are being 'viewed', but also makes the wearer very aware of the landscape and obstacles around them.


xx To have nipple rings is a bold statement of indeed as, when worn with tack, they eventually fuse into solid rings which the slightest tug off or pull on can be felt. The curse makes the wearer intensely feel, and exquisitely responsive to, reins but also improves the rate at which mileage and experience accumulates.


A tongue stud worn with tack for long enough becomes a lasting part of the tongue, requiring surgery to remove but not otherwise causing problems out with tack. While worn with tack the curse makes the stud render the wearer unable to speak any language, but in return her mood and intentions can be read by anyone seeing her. Thus people can tell, without a common language, if she's baulking because she's being stubborn, because she can see a problem ahead, or because there's a better route.






The curse magic inherent in the tack is quite adaptive and can feed off of the 'suffering' of its wearer to spread. So long as three primary components are worn then they can force a stuiable mundane item which is also worn to become infected by the curse.

It requires several months of regular usage, or a remarkable ammount of mileage in a shorter space, but eventually the mundane component will become magical in its own right. During this process beneficial mileage is not built up on the other components but they are simply maintained by the use.

Over the centuries various tricks and shortcuts have been found to either speed up the process or else encourage beneficial quirks. Most modern crafters will, as a matter of course, run four ponies as a team with each bearing a single mundane part of the intended resulting set.


xx to do with wearer


xx to do with mileage


xx "Grandfather's axe" principle


Where each primary, and any associated option, tack part are made by the same hands as part of a deliberate 'set' there may be a resulting benefit from wearing the full set.




xx Backlash against nudity makes clothing rather modest and elaborate.

xx Effects of tack mean that one using it for fitness is always a little embarrassed. Someone doing it as a job is aware of how exposed they are, but can't help but feel 'good' despite the bad stuff.

Domesticated Animals





While it is not known, the curse which resulted in the fall of the ancients is still active and glutted with power of all those it has slain. Anyone who has even the slightest mage potential would be lucky to survive until birth and they face impossibly long odds to avoid dying in their cot. Things get worse from that point onwards as the curse builds momentum and coincidence lashes out at the child to fatal effect.

As might be expected the traces of such magical potential have been nigh expunged from the gene pool millenia ago to the point that the occasional additional still birth somewhere in the world once in a generation isn't noticed as anything unusual.





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